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Vol. 11 Issue 4 October 2023                                          

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Aid-to-Production, Consumption and Agricultural Growth in Developing Countries  (Full Text)  

Francis Yao Srofenyoh, Kofi Aaron Aboa-Offei Agyei-Henaku, Charlotte Badu-Prah

Akua Agyeiwaa-Afrane,  Ferguson Korbla Gidiglo and Justice Gameli Djokoto

Responses of Consumer And Manufacturer to the Salmonella Outbreak in The U.S. Peanut Butter Market  (Full Text)

Sungtae Eun

 Bridging Borders, Nourishing Nations: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Tanzania's Cereal Yield  (Full Text)

Furaha N. Rashid,  Beny B. Mwenda and Peter E. Tengaa

An Empirical Study on Aquaculture Insurance Purchase in Taiwan from A Behavioral Economics Perspective (Full Text)

Richard Lu, Min-Hsien Yang andQiao-Ling Zeng

Social Capital Effect on Rural Households' Food and Nutrition Security in North-Central Burkina Faso  (Full Text)

Boenzemwendé Etienne Sibane and Pam Zahonogo

The Nexus Between Labour Productivity and Agricultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (1991-2021)  (Full Text)

Ibrahim A. Odusanya,Anu K. Toriola and Felix Odunayo Ajayi