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Vol. 9 Issue 2 April 2021                                          

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Our Welfare at The Time of Covid-19: Early Empirical Assessment for Ethiopia  (Full Text)

Tsegaye Mulugeta Habtewold

Pricing The Revenue Insurance of Sugar Apple and Banana in Taiwan: An Actuarial Approach  (Full Text)

Min-Hsien Yang, Richard Lu, Matt Lin and Nian-Zu Yao

Effect of Agricultural Investment On Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Role Does Institution Play? (Full Text)

Tolulope Temilola Osinubi and Olumuyiwa Tolulope Apanisile

Smallholder Farmers’ Outside Support and Its Effect on Adoption of Radical Terraces and Food Security  (Full Text)

Emmanuel Murwanashyaka, Preston Orieko Chitere and James Gichuru Kariuki

Impact of Credit Policy On Paddy Area in Nigeria  (Full Text)

Rakiya Yakubu Abdulsalam, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Kelly Kai Seng Wong and Mark Buda