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Vol. 8 Issue 1 January 2020                                          

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Quality Management and The Economics of Green Coffee Hermetic Storage  (Full Text)

Natalie K. Donovan, Kenneth A. Foster and Carlos Alberto Parra Salinas

Performance of The Extension Department in Taiwan Farmers’ Associations: Does Employee Attitude Make a Difference?   (Full Text)

Yir-Hueih Luh and David Fang

Factors Influencing Computer Usage Among Horticulture Firms in The United States   (Full Text)

Benedict C. Posadas

Future Projection for Syrian Food Industry   (Full Text)

Mustafa Bayram and Yasemin Gök

Commercialisation Pathways: Implications On Smallholder Rice Farmers’ Productivity And Welfare In Mbarali District, Tanzania   (Full Text)

Furaha Ndakije Rashid, Roselyne Alphonce and Isaac Joseph Minde

Efficiency Differential in Rice Production Technologies in Ghana: A Comparison Between Stochastic and Bias-Corrected Metafrontier Approaches   (Full Text)

Rebecca Owusu