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Vol. 7 Issue 4 October 2019                                          

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Implications of Missing-Data Imputation for Survey Data: An Application to Technology Adoption  

Full Text

Haluk Gedikoglu and Joseph Parcell

Economic Efficiency of Cattle Production in The Brazilian Amazon  Full Text

Marcos Antônio Souza dos Santos ,Antônio Cordeiro de Santana, Alfredo Kingo Oyama Homma, Andréia Santana Bezerra and José de Brito Lourenço Júnior

Effectiveness of Agricultural Supports Across OECDand Selected Countries Under the WTO Spell  Full Text

Emine Meltem Baştan and Hüseyin Songül

Maize Farmer Perception and Participation in Crop and Rainfall Index-Based Insurance Program in Benin  Full Text

Lionel R. Hountondji, Silvere D. Tovignan, Senakpon E. H. Kokoye and Euloge Chabi

Impact of Climate Change on Food Price in The Affected Provinces of El Nino and La Nina Phenomenon: Case of Indonesia  Full Text

Halimah Cahyaning Fajri, Hermanto Siregar and Sahara Sahara

Competitiveness in Mango Trade: A Comparative Analysis Between Pakistan and Other Mango Exporting Nations  Full Text

Sohail Ayyaz, Lawrance Bonney and Nadeem Akmal