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Vol. 5 Issue 4  October 2017                                          

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Causal Relationships Between Grain, Meat Prices and Exchange Rates Full Text (PDF)

Naveen Musunuru

The Impact of Education On Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from East Asian Economies  Full Text (PDF)  

Yir-Hueih Luh

The Impacts of Regional Free Trade Agreements and Exchange Rate Volatility on World Vegetable and Fruit Trade Flows

Full Text (PDF)

David Karemera, Louis Whitesides and Gerald Smalls

Foodborne Outbreaks and Farm Structure:  An Examination of Vegetable and Melon Farming   Full Text (PDF)

Ioana (Julia) Marasteanu and Travis Minor

An Economic Welfare Analysis of Agricultural Subsidies and Inventory Holdings: An Application to The Hazelnut Industry  Full Text (PDF)

Muhammet Yunus Şişman

Adaptation Process to Climate Change in Agriculture- An Empirical Study  Full Text (PDF)

Ghulam Mustafa, Ismail Abd Latif, Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Khalid Bashir, Mad Nasir Shamsudin and Wan Mohamed Noordin Wan Daud

Does Democracy Promote Food Security in Developing Countries? An Empirical Analysis  Full Text (PDF)

Patrice Rélouendé Zidouemba

A Gender Welfare Impact of the Ecowas Common External Tariffs on Households in Togo  Full Text (PDF)

Kwami Ossadzifo Wonyra, Muriel Eyram Silo Ametoglo and Ping Guo