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Vol. 5 Issue 2  April 2017                                          

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The Price Transmission Relationship between Ethanol, Wholesale Gasoline, and Blended Retail Gasoline   

Full Text (PDF)

Daniel H. Morris, Scott D. Parrott, Joey Mehlhorn, Rachna Tewari and Ross Pruitt

The Value Chain of Exported Whiteleg Shrimp: Case Study in Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam  Full Text (PDF)

Tram Anh Thi Nguyen, Chuong Thien Phuc Nguyen Bui and Curtis Majela Jolly

Modelling International Oilseed Prices: An Application of the Structural Time Series Model  Full Text (PDF)  

Jaweriah Hazrana

A Comparative Analysis of Household Food Security Measures in Rural Zimbabwe  Full Text (PDF)

Blessing Butaumocho and Plaxedes T.  Chitiyo

Empirical Asessment of Climate Change on Agricultural Crops: Panel Data Analysis in Pakistan  Full Text (PDF)

Muhammad Afzal, Gulzar Ahmed and Muhammad Nadeem Javaid

Does Fear (Vix Index) Incite Volatility in Food Prices?  Full Text (PDF)

Gökhan Çınar and Ayse Uzmay

Households Demand for Staple Cereal Commodities and Analysis of the Evolution of Staple Cereals' Prices in Burkina Faso  Full Text (PDF)

Togo M. Traore and Deacue Fields III

Production Contract Performance in Tomato Processing Industry: Analysis of Algerian Case  Full Text (PDF)

Amine Mohamed Benmehaia, Fatima Brabez and Oualid Benharrath

Long Run Determinants Of Cereal Production in Ethiopia: Does Co2 Emission Matter?  Full Text (PDF)

Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie