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Vol. 4 Issue 1     (Special Issue) January 2016                                           

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Does Financial Literacy Contribute to Food Security?   Full Text (PDF

Katherine Grace Carman  and Gema Zamarro

Food Insecurity and Educational Achievement: A Multi-Level Generalization of Poisson Regression  

Full Text (PDF)

Allison Jennifer Ames, Glenn Clifford Webster Ames, Jack Erwin Houston and Simone Angioloni

Food Security in Tunisia Within Water Scarcity the Relative Importance of The Meat Sector  Full Text (PDF

Emna Ouertani

Analysis of Factors Affecting Food Security in Rural and Urban Farming Households of Benue State, Nigeria  

Full Text (PDF)

Godwin Anjeinu Abu and Aondonenge Soom

Redesigning the Global Food Security Index: A Multivariate Composite I-Distance Indicator Approach  

Full Text (PDF)

Milica Maricic, Milica Bulajic, Marina Dobrota and Veljko Jeremic

Divergence of Food and Nutritional Securıty- A Study on Western Odisha  Full Text (PDF)

Digambar Chand and Rajendra Gartia

Food Insecurity Vulnerability Status of Farm Households in Niger- Delta, Nigeria  Full Text (PDF)

Offiong Uma Ukpe, Noble Jackson Nweze and Chukwuemeka John Arene

Relative Vulnerability of Selected Caribbean States to Changes in Food Security Due To Tropical Storms and Hurricanes  Full Text (PDF

Carlisle Pemberton, Hazel Patterson-Andrews and Afiya De Sormeaux