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Vol. 3 Issue 3      July 2015                                           

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Compensation Fees and Willingness to Pay:  A Field Experiment on Organic Apples  

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Nathan Skuza, Vicki McCracken and Joan Ellis

Benefit Cost for Biomass Co-Firing in Electricity Generation: Case of Utah, U.S.  

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Man-Keun Kim, Bibek Paudel and Donald L. Snyder

Using Almost Ideal Demand System to Analyze Demand for Shrimp in US Food Market  

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Xia “Vivian” Zhou

Foreign Market Entry Strategies in the United States/European Union Agribusiness Trade Context

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Cristina Lelis Leal Calegario, Jack E. Houston  and Nádia Campos Pereira Bruhn

Volatility Spillover Effects in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Markets of the Mediterranean  

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Dimitrios Panagiotou

Second Round Effects and Pass-Through of Food Prices to Inflation in Kenya  

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Roseline Nyakerario Misati and Olive Munene