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Vol. 4 Issue 3  July 2016                                           

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The Impact of Sqf Certification on U.S. Agri-Food Exports   Full Text (PDF)

Jun Ho Seok, Michael Robert Reed And Sayed Saghaian


Differentiating “Sustainable” From “Organic” and “Local” Food Choices: Does Information about Certification Criteria Help Consumers?  Full Text (PDF)

Hillary Sackett, Robert Shupp And Glynn Tonsor

Welfare Implications of Timberland Ownership Changes in the U.S. Timber Markets  Full Text (PDF)

Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman, Ian Alexander Munn And Changyou Sun

A Probabilistic Demand Application in the American Cracker Market  Full Text (PDF)

Rutherford Cd. Johnson

Land Allocation among the Main Crops in Argentina: Estimation of Price and Land Elasticities  

Full Text (PDF)

Rodrigo García Arancibia, Edith Depetris Guiguet, Gustavo Rossini And Mariano Coronel

Modelling Consumers' Demand for Organic Food Products: The Swedish Experience  Full Text (PDF)

Manuchehr Irandoust

Costa Rican Meat Value Chain Description: Price Transmission as a Tool  Full Text (PDF)

Víctor Rodríguez Lizano And  Mercedes Montero Vega

No Train No Grain: The Impact of Increased Demand for Rail Services by the Energy Sector on Wheat Prices—A Preliminary Analysis  Full Text (PDF)

Laura Villegas Ortiz