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Vol. 4 Issue 4  October 2016                                           

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Nafta at 21: Structural Change in Mexıcan’s Demand for U.S. Meat and Meat Products  

Full Text (PDF)

Frank Kyekyeku Nti

Food Entrepreneur Sustainable Orientation and Firm Practices  Full Text (PDF)

Mark A. Gagnon and Pamela A. Heinrichs

Perception, Preparedness and Severity of Climate Change Triggered Events in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam Full Text (PDF)

Trang T.H. Le, Kim Anh T. Nguyen and Curtis M. Jolly

The Effects of Swings in Global Wheat Prices on the Domestic Markets in Afghanistan  

Full Text (PDF)

Najibullah Hassanzoy, Shoichi Ito, Hiroshi Isoda and  Yuichiro Amekawa

Explaining the Perception of Smallholders towards Weather Index Micro-Insurance alongside Risks and Coping Strategies  Full Text (PDF)

Hezron Nyarindo Isaboke, Zhang Qiao, Wilckyster Nyateko Nyarindo and Wang Ke

The Propensity to Cooperate Among Peasant Farmers in Algeria: An Analysis from Bivariate Approach

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Mohamed Amine Benmehaia and Fatima Brabez