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Vol. 3 Issue 1      January 2015                                           

Socio-Economic Factors And Adoption of Energy Crops  Full Text (PDF)

Haluk Gedikoglu

Role and Effect of Agroforesty Subsides Allocated by The Common Agricultural Policy in Italian Farms   

Full Text (PDF)

Nicola Galluzzo

Spillover Effects Of U.S. Federal Reserve’s Recent Quantitative Easing On Canadian Commodity Prices

Full Text (PDF)

Sayed Saghaian and Michael Reed

The Potential Impacts of the Port of Salvador Improvements on the Brazilian Cotton Industry  

Full Text (PDF)

Rafael Costa, Parr Rosson and Ecio de Farias Costa

Trade Policy Change and Price Volatility Spill-Over in A Customs Union: A Case Study of Lamb Trade between Namibia and South Africa  Full Text (PDF)

Rakhal Sarker and Olubukola Ayodeji Oyewumi

Long Run Relationship between Sorghum Yield, Rainfall and Producer  Price in Nigeria  Full Text (PDF)

Orefi Abu

Smallholder Farmers’ Willingness to Incorporate Biofuel Crops into Cropping Systems in Malawi  

Full Text (PDF)

Beston Bille Maonga, Assa Mulagha Maganga and Henry Kankwamba

Farmers’ Practices and Willingness to Adopt Supplemental Irrigation in Burkina Faso  Full Text (PDF)

Beteo Zongo, Abdoulaye Diarra, Bruno Barbier, Malicki Zorom and Hamma Yacouba

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